Who We Are

Travexs is a cutting-edge travel and Hospitality B2B Marketplace that connects travel service providers from 20 different business categories across 6 continents, with buyers from the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

Our Marketplace system provides our clients with a plethora of options to make connections, participate in networking events, form business alliances, and eventually make inroads with potential buyers all over the world.


We also offer consultation and support services to customers throughout the travel purchasing process to assist our customers in making the best selection possible. Our travel service providers and vendors can also use our marketing and promotion tools to discover the right clients and partners.


Our Management

Saudi Arabia, guided by the vision of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and Prime Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is on its way to becoming one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the world. The recently-launched Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 plan outlines a big ambitions for the tourism sector, with its focus on increasing annual tourism visits from the current figure to approximately one hundred million tourists by 2030. Also, it plans to bring in an estimated $810 billion worth of investments into entertainment and tourist projects over the next decade. This would make a huge impact on Saudi Arabia's economy, boosting its GDP from 3% to 10%. As part of this vision, we are also pleased to announce the launch of our commercial platform for hospitality, tourism and travel. This will make it easier than ever before for potential visitors to find high-quality experiences that aptly represent Saudi Arabia's unique culture - propelling it into the list of top 20 tourist destination countries globally.

Abdulmalik Bin Abdulwahid Mohamed

General Manager

Our Mission & Vision

    Our Vision 

Our top priority is to make an impact on the travel industry by establishing ourselves as a trusted travel and hospitality B2B marketplace where travel service providers and buyers can form prominent business alliances, network, and conduct buying and selling activities in a secure environment with improved safety and hygiene measures.

Our Mission

To empower the travel and hospitality industry through innovation and cutting-edge technology, and to assist our partners in achieving their individual business goals.


Our Objectives and Goals

 Our Goals

  • To create an enabling marketing platform for travel service providers and travel buyers
  • To establish long-term commercial partnerships around the world
  • To be a Globally trusted travel and hospitality B2B marketplace


Our Objectives

  • To offer our travel service providers and travel buyers the best value-added products and services
  • To provide exceptional customer service and assistance to our clients
  • To increase customers satisfactions and provide solutions to client problems